Brookwood Family Medicine officially closed and Dr. DeJarnette & Dr. Copas 
have retired as of September 29, 2017.

All active patients were notified by letter in July 2017.  

How to Request Copies of Medical Records:
Patients must sign and mail a valid Release of Information form to obtain a copy of their medical records.  Patients may either see a new primary care provider, fill out a release form from that provider's office and send for their records, or may download, complete, and return the form provided below to receive their records.  

Patients should be prepared to pay the S&H fee $10.00 for all requests received after office closure date and for those patients who did not pick up their record disc
within the first 2 weeks of October 2017 will also be asked to pay the $10.00 S&H fee.

Complete, Sign, & Mail Release Forms To:

Brookwood Family Medicine
Hugh M. DeJarnette, MD & Cheryl A. Copas MD
PO Box 870 
Snellville, GA 30078

​​(Note Forms are not valid without the patient/legal guardians signature)

Note:  Record fees may apply after closure date up to the allowed fees per Georgia State Copy Law, Section 2: Code Section: 3-33-3.  

For patients who need to pick up their records:
For the first 2 weeks after the office closure staff will be available and patients
may stop by and pick up their record discs between the following Dates & Times:

A list of local alternative providers may be viewed in the link below:

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