Dr. DeJarnette & Dr. Copas have provided healthcare for 
families here in Georgia since 1985. Our facility expresses 
a comfortable, friendly and informal family feel to the 
health care services we provide. This web site is a simple 
informative means for our current and perspective patients 
to have access to information about our practice and 
various forms for your healthcare needs.

Patients may review our insurance page for plans we currently 
participate with.  We provide services as primary care providers to patients as young as 6 years of age to adults.  Services include care for minor illnesses such as upper respiratory infections & allergies to managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol and diabetes.  We also provide screening preventive/physical exams, including birth control and well-woman visits, however, we do not perform "Welcome to Medicare" or annual wellness visits for Medicare.

New Patient's:  As of January 1, 2017 new patient appointments are limited due to provider availability.  Upon acceptance as a new patient, office visits are by appointment only & patients should verify insurance network status prior to your visit.  Paperwork is required & should be completed prior to your appointment.  Navigate to our Patient Forms page to download our registration forms, please forward completed registration forms at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.

Established patient's:  Office Visits are by appointment only for routine needs such as refills, lab discussions, or physical exams. Established patients may now choose to utilize our Walk-In hours for Sick / Illness related issues. These hours are Monday-Friday from 9:30-10:30 AM or Monday-Thursday from 2:15-3:30 PM.  These visit types are appropriate for Sick/Illnesses related issues limited to 1 complaint only. It is not acceptable for Urgent / Life-threatening issues. Walk-in visits are seen per physician availability and should expect extended wait times, patients are still encouraged to call ahead to avoid lengthy delays.  New patients are not acceptable as Walk-In's.
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Current News of the Practice:
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To All Patients:
~ Wellness/Physical Exam:  
     ~ Included:  Exam will consist of a preventive medical discussion, review of body systems (i.e. listen to heart, lungs,
        etc.), preventive procedures like EKG's if indicated/necessary, Urinalysis, etc.  This exam does not include the
        administration of vaccines that are not in stock at this office but will include the order to obtain these vaccines
        at your local pharmacy or health department.
     ~ Not Included:  During a wellness exam any discussion/issue/concern addressed that is not considered preventive
        can not be included as such with the wellness exam.  This means addressing chronic illness up to and including
        refill of medications, discussion of hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol disease already established beyond
        screening preventive discussion or addressing acute/problem related concerns like shoulder pain, sore throat,
        allergies all would require an additional routine illness related office code that would be applicable to routine
        annual deductible's, coinsurance and co-pays.
What Office Visit Do You Need To Ask For?
~ New Patient Establish PCP Exam:  
     ~ Included:  Exam will consist of addressing any chronic illness related issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes
        cholesterol, etc.  This exam is not a wellness exam and will be applicable to routine annual deductible's,
        coinsurance and co-pays.
     ~ Not Included:  This exam is not a preventive/wellness exam as discussed in above section.
~ New/Established Patient Acute Illness / Injury Exam:  
     ~ Included:  Exam will consist of addressing acute illness related concerns and/or injury related concerns.  This 
        exam is not a wellness exam and will be applicable to routine annual deductible's, coinsurance and co-pays.

~ Established Routine Office Visit Exam:
​     ~ Included:  Exam will consist of addressing routine chronic disease related concerns, refill of medications, etc.  This
        exam is not a wellness exam and will be applicable to routine annual deductible's, coinsurance and co-pays.
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New Vaccine Program now live.  Please read more about the VaxCare program now being utilized by our office in the flyer below.  Vaccine appointments are available please request an appointment from your online portal or call us weekdays at 770-979-9331.

Our 3rd newsletter was sent out last month and is available for review here  
if anyone missed it.  Highlights to read on:  New Phone Systems, 
Communication Methods, and New Vaccine Program on page 3.
October 10, 2014:
  • Notice of General Office Policy
New Patients are requested to complete registration forms prior to the first visit by one of two methods on our website.  Please arrive 30 minutes early for the appointment. It is encouraged for new patients to take steps & send your paperwork to us one business day in advance of your appointment to ensure timely appointments and avoid delays in being seen. Failure to do this may result in your appointment being rescheduled if the time taken to complete the forms extends into your appointment resulting in insufficient time remaining with the physician.

Established Patients are expected to keep scheduled appointments as requested, if you need to cancel or reschedule please do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Failure to notify the office may result in a “No-Show” charge amount will be reflective of the time reserved for your missed appointment.

All patients who are on managed long-term medications will need a minimum of one office visit every 6 months to maintain up-to-date medical history & medication management status related to the treated diagnosis as a general office policy. Length of time between routine office visits will vary depending on conditions being treated, health status and medication type with the time interval between these visits to be established on an individual basis by your physician.  This time frame is not limited to the general office policy regarding prescription management.

We will attempt to bill all charges during a visit to your insurance provider and expect prompt payment on all charges deemed patient responsibility according to your individual health plan. Co-pays are expected to be paid at time of service. Patients are expected to remain current on their account and payment toward balances made in a timely manner to remain in active good standing with the office.

We do not bill for claims related to auto accidents or worker’s comp.

It is expected and patient responsibility to update our office with current insurance provider information as it becomes available and failure to do so may result in office visits being billed as patient responsibility.

 Lab & Diagnostic Testing
Diagnostic & Lab testing is ordered by your physician during an office visit when deemed necessary and after discussion with the patient. Locations for having these tests performed will be indicated on the orders you are given during the office visit. 
In-office blood draw is not performed on a routine basis. We attempt to provide as detailed a diagnosis as possible that pertains to the testing being requested but in some circumstances testing may not be covered by your insurance provider and this is the patient's responsibility to ascertain whether procedures & tests ordered will be covered with the diagnosis being presented prior to having the testing completed.

Bills related to tests not performed in this office falls outside our ability to control and it is necessary for the patient to be as informed as possible.  Our office would always recommend patient's call your insurance provider regarding questionable coverage of testing procedures before having them completed.
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Brookwood Family Medicine   |   1550 B. Janmar Rd.    |    Snellville, GA 30078
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Archived Notices:
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August 31, 2016:
Flu Vaccine Now Available!  Please call in advance to avoid long waits and to verify Insurance Eligibility through VaxCare.
No expected Upcoming Closings
January 1, 2017:
Office patient panels are currently closed for new patients as of January 1st.  New patients are encouraged to check back often as this may change with short notice in the near future.